Orl jedinica model Duo

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Pouzdana tehnologija – fleksibilnost i optimalne kombinacije funkcionalnih komponenti i pohrane instrumenata

Šifra artikla: HM 0100-40000 Kategorija:


MODULA DUO – convincing technology – flexibility and optimal combination of functional components and instrument storage. The unit and the additional instrument cabinet are connected by a moveable arm. Possibility to adjust the position of the two elements. The endoscopy module in the middle can be equipped with up to 4 light sources, preheated quivers, disinfection quivers, mirror heater and holder for fibroscopes

Standard equipment

• High quality electrolytic zincplated steel cabinet, extremely hard wearing with enamel finish
• Standard colour steel: RAL 1001 (beige) / 9010 (white) / 7044 (grey) / 5010 (blue) / 5018 (turquoise)
• Mobile on 4 antistatic heavy duty castors
• 20 years guarantee on metal cabinet
• Holder for suction handpiece and light cable
• Holder for headlamp, not switchable
• Integrated mirror heater
• Powered suction system: suction performance 40 l/min, 0 to -0,8 bar, 1,5 l secretion glas with safety overflow system (manual emptying) with bacterial filter
• 1 large, 1 shallow and 2 small drawers
• 3 removable disinfection quivers
• Instruments on 2 levels with melamin trays
• Tray for used instruments, stainless steel
• Waste bin, opening with foot pedal, self closing, low noise
• Transparent acrylic top cover, storable behind the unit after opening


Optional equipment

• 37°C warm water rinsing system – water heater principle with LED display of the current temperature to be reached, optional intensive thermic disinfection, stainless steel handpieces
• Compressed air system – with oilfree noiseless compressor, stainless steel pressure tank, chromiumplated hand-piece with 3 sprayers and acrylic glass holder
• Up to 4 holders for endoscopes, removable, pre-heated
• Headlamp holder with automatic switch on/ off
• Suction unit – with manual emptying of the secretion glass or with Secretomatic function: automatic draining of glass with subsequent rinsing and cleaning with water
• Unit for rinsing of suction hoses with or without disinfection system
• Cold light sources – up to 4 integrated cold light sources – each 150 W – swivelling holder for head lamp with automatic on/off switching, height adjustment

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